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Troubleshooting restore


When a restore is performed, do not restart the rancher-system-agent on elemental nodes as it can stale and end with the following error:

panic: error while connecting to Kubernetes cluster: the server has asked for the client to provide credentials

If you face this problem, please follow the procedure below.

Before you initiate a restore, you need to copy /var/lib/rancher/agent/rancher2_connection_info.json from the elemental node to a place where you have access with Rancher UI.

Once the file is copied, download the script from the Elemental repository:

wget -q && chmod +x rancher-agent-token-update

Execute the script without any additional options:


After the restore successfully completed, copy rancher2_connection_info.json back to the elemental node to the path /var/lib/rancher/agent/rancher2_connection_info.json. Finally, restart the rancher-system-agent service:

systemctl restart rancher-system-agent