Opni Monitoring is an open-source multi-cluster monitoring system. It ingests Prometheus metrics from any number of Kubernetes clusters and provides a centralized observability plane for your infrastructure. Use Opni Monitoring to visualize metrics from all your clusters at once, and give every user their own customized view using granular access control.

⚡ Powered by Open-Source

Opni Monitoring is completely free Apache-licensed open-source software. It builds upon existing, ubiquitous open-source systems - Prometheus, Grafana, and Cortex - and extends them with a number of powerful enterprise features typically only found in SaaS platforms and other proprietery solutions.

🔋 Batteries Included

Opni Monitoring comes out of the box with all the tools you need to get started with multi-cluster monitoring. Manage your clusters and configure access control rules with the built-in dashboard, command-line interface, or REST API.

Opni Monitoring is secure-by-default and uses a zero-trust architecture for inter-cluster communication, with no extra setup required.

🔒 You Own Your Data

With Opni Monitoring, you have complete control over how and where your data is stored. Metric storage is powered by Cortex, which provides comprehensive configuration options for data storage and retention. Several storage backends are available including S3 (cloud or self-hosted), Swift, and Kubernetes Persistent Volumes.

Get Started

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