Customizing the default upgrade channel

Elemental vanilla images by default are picking upgrades by the standard upgrade channel. It means it will always get the latest published Elemental version by our CI.

However, it’s possible to tweak the default behavior of elemental upgrade to point to a specific OCI image/tag, or a different release channel.


elemental upgrade during start reads the Elemental configuration file and allows to tweak the following:

# configuration used for the 'ugrade' command
  # if set to true upgrade command will upgrade recovery system instead
  # of main active system
  recovery: false

  # image used to upgrade main OS
  # size in MiB
    uri: <image-spec>

  # image used to upgrade recovery OS
  # recovery images can be set to use squashfs
    fs: squashfs
    uri: oci:recovery/cos

The system and recovery-system objects define the OS image used for the main active system and the recovery system respectively. They both are fined by a <image-spec>.

Upgrading Recovery only

The elemental upgrade-recovery command can be used to upgrade the Recovery system only.
The upgrade configuration can be used seamlessly between upgrade and upgrade-recovery, but for the latter only the recovery-system field applies:

# configuration used for the 'ugrade-recovery' command
    fs: squashfs
    uri: oci:recovery/cos

It is also possible to invoke it directly with: elemental upgrade-recovery --recovery-system.uri oci:recovery/cos