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Elemental toolkit

Immutable Linux Derivatives at your fingertips

Elemental is a toolkit to build, ship and maintain cloud-init driven Linux derivatives with containers..

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Great For

True DevOps

Why Use Elemental toolkit ?

Built for DevOps

Elemental toolkit allows to maintain custom Linux derivatives in a GitOps style with container registries.

Operational Happiness

Upgrade machines from container images in OTA style - manually or automatically within kubernetes.

Bring your own OS

A common featureset shared between Elemental derivatives, completely pluggable.

Single Image OS

derivatives built with Elemental are single container image OS that are bootable from a system. They follow an A/B update style and gets upgrades from regular container registries.

How it Works

Get Started

Step 1.
git clone

Step 2.
docker build -t example examples/standard

Step 3.
elemental upgrade example

That’s it! With just a few commands, you have your own custom OS.

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