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A Rancher Extension is a packaged Vue library that provides a set of functionality to extend and enhance the Rancher UI.

Developers can author, release and maintain extensions independently of Rancher itself.

Rancher defines a number of extension points - the Extensions API - which developers can take advantage of, to provide extra functionality, for example:

  • Add new UI screens to the top-level side navigation - Top-level product
  • Add new UI screens to the cluster-level side navigation - Cluster-level product
  • Add new UI screens to the navigation of the Cluster Explorer UI
  • Add new UI for Kubernetes CRDs
  • Extend existing views in Rancher Manager by adding panels, tabs and actions
  • Customize the landing page

Note: More extension points will be added over time

Once an extension has been authored, it can be packaged up into a Helm chart, added to a Helm repository and then easily installed into a running Rancher system.